Stay: Cenang Homestay, Langkawi

This is my favourite spot when it comes to staying in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi. A total I have lived here for about 4 months I think and I do love it.

It is serene but still things are happening (like right now they mounted a ring and boxing gear for Muay Thai boxers to train. One of them won a world championship here in Langkawi in May) .

I have had access to the gear to cook so I have been able to do my own food (if I want to) but it is really cheap to eat out here so I mostly have been going out to eat.

The homestay have different prices rages and sizes of rooms. The one I have stayed in is in the middle, it has 2 spacious rooms, cooking facilities (you have to ask for that) and AC. of course toilet, hot water and AC. This one is sold for RM 80 / night but if you stay longer you can negotiate about the price. It has two queen size beds.

Langkawi 1403 038But the best part in my opinion is the terrace, here I spentt alot of time, just sitting, working or reading.

They hav rooms without AC and refridgerator at lower cost and they have rooms with alot of beeds and kitchen for a higher rate.

There is a pool and an area to sit and maybe barbeque that all can use. Unfortunately when there is alot of people swimming with their clothes on it gets dirty (it´s ot like they use clean clothes or shower before they enter) but that normally goes away in a couple of days.

It is also a sister hotell to Cenang Resthouse that is located at the beach. The rates here are higher and nothing that I have any knowledge on but if you are interested, please ask me and I will check.

I you are coming to Langkawi and feel like staying at the resthouse, feel free to send me and email and I will check availiability and maybe try negotiate the rate a bit.

It is about 5-10 minutes away from the beach (take right when you come down to the mainroad and first one left after that for the best part of the beach) .


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Oriental Village

Oriental Village is something that the government built. It is surrounding the entrance to the cable cars.

I guess it is good to have something to do while waiting for your turn to go up on the cable cars but this doesn´t feel genuine at all.

The restaurants are expensive and the shops are too. A few cool bridges and a small lake and lots of small houses. actually the houses are the most interesting to see in oriental Village (if you except the cable cars of course).

You can ride small motorbikes, feed the fish, zipline (a short and not to high one), play videogames and se 3D film. Segways are avaliable for renting.Asiatour Langkawi oriental Village 094

Link to homepage and tripadvisor.

From their homepage: ”At the foothills of Mt. Machincang, lies the quaint Oriental Village. A collection of more than 50 activity & adventure providers; F&B outlets; souvenir & retail stores; galleries and spas, the Oriental Village offers a quality day-out of fun, adventure, shopping and gastronomic delights at one location!”

Asiatour Langkawi oriental Village 095 Asiatour Langkawi oriental Village 096 Asiatour Langkawi oriental Village 097

Opening hours: The oriental village is open 24 hrs but the shops and restaurants open 10 am to 6 or 7 pm.

Entrance fee: Free admission.

Directions: Drive towards Pantai Kok and Cable cars.

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Riding in Langkawi

The Arabian Malaysian stud farm (Island rides) is located next to the seven wells falls and about 1 km further down  the road from  the oriental village and offers rides on the beach, mountain or in the jungle. You can also, if you are a beginner, ride while someone leads your horse in a rope.

The stud farm is the first to breed arab horses in Malaysia. They produce the finest quality of purebred Arabians which they have registered as “MALAYSIAN-ARABIANS”. They are also hosts of the horses of the former prime minister in Malaysia.

Asiatour Langkawi Island horses 105

Beach or jungle : RM 240  first hour RM 200 for the second hour.

Mountain RM 440 for the first hour

Opening hours: 7am to 11am &  4pm to 6pm (Closed on mondays)

Directions: Drive towards Pantai Kok / Cable Cars / Seven wells fall

Please note that the exclusive jungle rides are for experienced riders only.

Asiatour Langkawi Island horses 106

Booking and more information is avaliable here. Check out their page on Facebook.

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Teluk Yu (Shark bay beach) Langkawi

Well I have been here many times and I have yet never seen a shark…

Asiatour Langkawi Teluk Yu 01

The beach has an ”entrance” to it with stairs and there is also a van selling some food. In high water the stairs go straight into the water and there is not alot of beach to talk about. When the water is low tho you have an almost perfect beach for swimming and solitude.

Trees grow here so if you prefer the shadow that is not a problem. Asiatour Langkawi Skark bay beach 2

The beach has powdery sand and since it is so close to the black sand beach it also has a little mix of the black sand in it. The water is clear and the beach is clean.

The islands you see here is the south tip of Tarutao National Park (Thailand) and for you survivor-nerds out there the season 3 was recorded in this national park

As a bonus: something dangerous showing up at Teluk Yu…


Photo : Lajke

This beach gets a solid  rating because of the solitude, the sand and the clear water.

Directions:  Drive towards Craft Complex

squirrel3 squirrel3 squirrel3 squirrel3

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Mardi Agro park

Learn all about the goodness of fruits and vegetables. Delight in a variant of tropical fruits at this large fruit plantation. Major attractions include a technology information centre, tropical fruit farms, sheltered hi-tech vegetable farms as well as naturally conserved areas for recreation.

Langkawi 119

There is also camping, bicycle hiring and other facilities here such as shops (that sells jams and ice cream) café, toilets and praying room.

Opening hours:  9 am – 5 pm Saturday – Thursdag. NOTE closed on fridays.

Entrance & Other Fees 
  1. Recreational Area (basic entrance): RM20 adult; RM10 child.
  2. Farm tour: RM20 adult; RM10 child.
  3. Guided jungle trekking: RM 20/hour
  4. Cycling: RM 2/hour
  5. Tent rental RM40/pax (up to 4 persons per tent)
  6. Campsite charge RM 5.00/person/day
Directions: Drive towardsUlu Melaka and follow signs.
Postad i Langkawi

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Enligt denna veckas tema på fototriss ska man ha djup i bilderna, hon länkar också till en sida där man kan lära sig om hur man gör bilder med djup.  En länk till en cool sak på coolstuff ingår om man vill tävla. (Jag väljer att länka till powerbanken, det är enligt mig en av de bästa uppfinningarna sen hjulet. Att ta med sig och kunna ladda exempelvis telefonen när man inte har tillgång till eluttag är oerhört viktigt för mig som reser mycket. Jag har 2 st i dagsläget och min dotter säljer dem.)

Dessa bilder tycker jag visar ett djup.


En vanlig promenad till frukosten på morgonen och jag möter en ko. Kände att bilden blev lite misslyckad iof skuggan men den har onekligen ett djup…

Molnen skapar en illusion av ett snöklätt berg men tittar man en gång till ser man annorlunda. Det gäller att vända sig om när man tar bild på solnedgången ibland..

Blommorna i förgrunden och den gröna ängen. Bilden bryts fint av huset tycker jag. :)

Samtliga bilder tagna på Langkawi i Malaysia där jag bor idag.


Postad i fototriss

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Skytrex Langkawi

Skytrex is a rope course trekk with over 60 different challenges during the course.  It is both a thrilling and excilirating trekk.

Located in the rainforest you can feel the serenity (exept of course when the trekk is full of people…)

Asiatour Langkawi Skytrex 01

There are 3 different circuits: Little Legend (beginner), Eagle thrill (intermediate) and Island extreme (Advanced) .

The beginner level has almost 20 challendes that is made to be fun and thrilling for all ages. The intermediate level has 22 challenges with a various level of dificulty and the Advanced level challenges your adrenaline levels with 29 challenges.

You can book your tickets online at but you can also just show up and hope it´s not full.

Opening hours: 9 am – 3 pm

Entrance fee: RM 35 for beginner, RM 45 for intermedite and RM 55 for advanced.

Directions: Drive towards Pantai Kok

This is an outdoor acticity so maybe best time to visit is in non rainy days. The earlier in the day the cooler the temperature.

Be advised to bring plenty of water.

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Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black sand beach)

Well the sand it not completey black, except for in one spot, but it is mixed in colors. Makes it look almost dirty.

Large amounts of tourmeline and ilmenite from Gunung Raya cause the darkness in the sand.  It is common to find granite in mountains but it is only in Langkawi the sand turns black (so they say at the sign..) Funny part is ilmenite is normally very white and used in toilet papers, paint and plastics. There is also Ilmenite on the moon…

Asiatour Langkawi Black sand beach 001

According to the legend the black sand is an outcome of the civil war that took place here between the Land kingdom and the Underwater world. Of course love was involved. A mermaid princess fell in love with a land prince and they ran away together.

Underwater world has so much more troops but Land kingdom had one wise man to help them win the war. They gathered all the wood they could and started a lot of bonfires on the beach. This was percieved as toursands of torches from the Underwater world and they ran away. The burnt up torches colored the beach black.

Asiatour Langkawi Black sand beach 004

The beach in itself is one of the least visited in Langkawi. People don´t come here to swim, they come to write in the sand and read about the legend. The beach is pretty small especially during high water. There is plenty of trees here too if you prefer the shadow.

By the stairs there is bazars and restaurants.Please do not buy the sand they sell in the bazaars. If everybody did that  the beach will be gone very soon… :(Asiatour Langkawi Black sand beach 006

The sand is mixed in colours and is not expremely powdery. The beach is small.

Directions: Drive towards Craft Complex


squirrel3 squirrel3

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Cable Cars Langkawi

The cable car of Langkawi will take you up to a stunning view at over 650 meters above sea level.

If you want to you can take the climb (stairs) up to the top of Gunung Machincang (708 metres) wich has great view overlooking the mountains, the sea and the amazing rock foundations.

This is the steepest cable car in the world.

Here you can watch the sun set at night and enjoy the somewhat cooler climat (about 5 degrees lower).

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 10.00am – 18.00pm, Wednesday 12.00pm – 18.00pm, Friday – Sunday & Public Holiday 09.30am – 19.00pm

Entrance Fee: Adults RM50.00 & Children 2 – 12 yrs old RM30.00. Students and local malaysians pay lower prices.

Directions: Follow signs

Asiatour Langkawi Cable car Asiatour Langkawi Cable CarsThe oriental village wich is basically build around the entrance of the Cable Cars gives a chance to shop, eat, segway and so on.

Please don´t ride the elephant or visit the tiger since they are not kept and trained under good conditions.


Postad i Blandat, Langkawi

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Seven wells fall

Seven Wells seen from the cable cars

Seven Wells seen from the cable cars

This is considdered the most beautiful fall in Langkawi. Telaga Tujuh is the malay name for it.

You can walk up, by 638 steps (480 metres)to the top of the fall. The pools are enjoyable with natural slides so bring your bathing gears. If you wich to continue further upon Mount Mat Cincang you can walk on the marked path. The treck is not easy tho so if you don´t have the experience; don´t do it. Make sure you stay on the paths since it can be quite dangerous outside and it is also easy to get lost. Several fatal accidents have happened here. The last one was only a couple of days (18 oct 2014) ago when a young german guy fell into a deep ravine.

If you don´t feel like walking all the way up, please take the service road and go to the first pool where you have a nice view up on the falls.  You can bath here too if you want to.

There will be plenty of monkeys on your way, please make sure not to litter and to be safe from the thiefing monkeys bring your stuff on other than plastic bags. They think all food comes in plastic bags and will steal them from you if you get a chance.

Asiatour Langkawi Seven Wells Falls downwards

Duration. about one hour to reach to the top.

Entrance fee: FREE, but a parking charge of RM2 for cars and RM1 for motorbikes.

Direction: Drive towards Pantai Kok and/or  Cable cars.

When to visit: the falls are naturally filled with water during rainy season (Sept – Oct) but fills also after a rainfall. During daylight.

Please keep Langkawi naturally beautifull and don´t litter.

Postad i Langkawi

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