Underwater world

Underwater World Langkawi is one of the largest marine and fresh water aquarium in South East Asia. Since the start of its operation in 1995, it has become one of the must visited tourist destinations in Langkawi and attracts both local and foreign tourists.

It is a big attraction that goals to educate the man about what goes on underneath the surface of our waters.

The exhibition is divided into three sections: Tropical Rainforest, Temperate and Sub-Antarctic. The Sub-Antarctic is probably the most popular section – the penguinhouse has cute little rockhopper and black-footed penguins that cause quite a few people to crowd around the exhibit to get a good look.

Read more about the Underwater World on their homepage or on facebook.

OPEN:  10-18

Directions: On the south end of pantai Cenang, just by the big duty free malls.

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How to make money on your blog

There are a few ways to make money on your blog. The bigger the blog the more money you are able to make.

Google Adsense is a great way to start. It´s easy to set up. You will get paid by your readers clicking on ads and sales.

Tradedoubler is also fairly easy to set up. Tradedoubler will pay you for sells and trackings (i.e. clicks) and new members.

Blogvertiser gives me the most earn so far. You get offered to write something and you can accept or deny. Your blog has a set rate that will increase in time with growing traffic to your blog.

I get offers in my mail now and then. I always inform that I will write it myself and that  I will post a note in all my posts that I got paid to write it.

Adrecord is an affiliate network ust like Tradedoubler. You add links on your posts and if they generate any money you will get a scomission.

Blogfame can also generate some money, they are quite active on helping you out to make as much money as possible.

Join networks like Smartson and Buzzador to get free stuff to evaluate and write about. It´s not money but free stuff is still free stuff.

I realised that direct textlinks in your blog is a much better way to generate income than the ads itself. Note that the more of these affiliate networks you are a member of the more money you can generate when you write and it is lso easier to find the right link to just that post.

Ok you might not get rich (unless you have a big blog) but it will give a little income if you work hard and persistent.


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People of Malaysia

The malaysian people is normally quite shy and withdrawn. They will normally let you go about your business without interferring. (That includes no salesmen trying to sell you something you dont want on the streets, not many trying to persuade you to eat dinner at their restaurants etc)

You need to remember that pointing with your index finger is rude. The malaysians use their knuckle and thumb to point.

Greeting the malaysians is a handshake and then you put your hand over your heart.2015-02-12 13.02.12

Kids will wave and say ”Hello” to you as you walk by. They learn english in school and want to practice talking if you give them time to do so.

Langkawi 1408 080

They might sit down by your table when you eat at a restaurant and that is a very normal thing to do. If you talk, or dont, it doesnt matter really.

The malaysian people are curious and they will ask you questions. Who you are, where you come from and what you think of their country. The really want to know. If you stay a longer time you will experience that they have no issue with asking personal questions. If they dont speak english they will ask your company (if they speak malay) in front of you (I actually find this a bit rude.) This is just their curiousity and they do not consider it rude at all.

You can on the other hand feel free to ask them about their culture, heritage and religion without prejudice. They will answer to their knowledge and very openly.

If you ask them something they dont know (or if the answer is no) they will shrug and simply not answer, maybe even walk away, hoping you will ask someone else.

They will probably call you boss, it is generally easier than to remember your name. This is normal and nothing specifically for tourists (Masale) but they do it to fellow malaysians too.

If you want to insult a malaysian you tell them that their food sucks. Malaysians love their food and are proud of it. They think, dream and enjoy food. They can take a road trip just to enjoy that special nasi lemak that was so good. But why would you willingly insult a malaysian? (Or anybody.)

When saying thank you (terima kasih) it really means ”from my heart”. Correct response issama-sama”.

If you have a complaint always take it up with a supervisor or management. To be scolded in public is a the ultimate humiliation for malaysians.

Always take off your shoes before entering someones house.

The Malaysian people are friendly and welcoming and I like them a lot!

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Buffalo Park, Langkawi

It is not so hard to find at all and it lies in a beautiful surrounding

I payed my entrance fee and I was free to walk around in the shade with the animals. These things are so HUGHE, enormous, and there was a small calf too, adorable. When they look at you as they are eating they look about as dumb as the cows, tihi.

Not really much to see, there was no production going on (it was on a Sunday) but I bought some fresh mozzarella and a piece of meat to BBQ.

I think this is a great place to take children to show teach them about animals both domestic and wild.

If you want to you can taste the meat in the café outside, you can ride the buffalo or let it pull you in a cart.

Buffalo Park 1502 003

In the café they also serve buffalo ice cream, youghurt, mozzarella and some other food. Not expensive at all.

This is the only place in Malaysia where you can buy fresh mozzarella.

Open: 9 am to 5 pm all days (says the sign, on internet it says closed on Fridays)

Directions: drive towards Padang Matsirat and then follow the signs.

Fee: RM5 for non Malaysian adults.

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Renting a motorbike or car in Langkawi

If you want to see whole of Langkawi you have a few different options. You can rent a car, a motorbike or ask a taxi driver to take you round during one day.

The taxi driver for a day usually costs RM 100. Just ask around by the teaxis, there is plenty of them in Langkawi.

If you want to drive yourself you need a international drivers license. A motorbike costs from 25 MR / Day and a car costs from 40 RM / day.

There is plenty of places to rent your drive in Pantai Cenang, just ask for prices.

Langkawi 1410 050

Helmets are obligatory in Malaysia so make sure you wear one at all time.

It is not hard to drive in Langkawi, the roads are generally ok.

One thing to remember tho is to stay to your left! This is a heritage from when Malaysia was part of the Brittish Empire.

Drive safely and take your time.

Open: usually all day

Directions: on the main street of Pantai Cenang there is plenty of shops renting cars and motorbikes.

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Uno ett annorlunda mobilföretag.

Sverige är det land vars invånare surfar mest i världen.

Det är viktigt med en bra mobiloperatör när man ska använda sin telefon. Kvalitet tillsammans med bra priser är ledord för mig.

Efter att ha läst om Unos strategi att vara bästa mobilleveratör i Sverige så verkar det vara ett företag på uppsegling. Fler och fler vill ha kvalitet men också bra service och support.

Uno är ett företag som satsar på företagskunder. enbart. så inga privatkunder alls. Detta antar jag är för att man vill kunna erbjuda marknadens bästa service.

Man har erbjudande där man bjuder på telefoni och sms och bara tar betalt för den mängden surf man gör.


Kundservicen är präglad av personlig service och man har en låg personalomsättning vilket gör att man inte bara blir igenkänd när man ringer utan man kanske till och med känner igen den man talar med (om man ringt flera gånger vill säga).  Supporten är öppen dugnet runt, året runt, det är ju inte alltid så att telefonen kråglar på kontorstid.

Smart också att man kan kolla täckningen på sin mobiltelefon innan man köper, det har ju hänt att man skaffat abonnemang och sen är täckningen dålig hemme eller på arbetet!

Uno Telefoni har blivit nominerade till ett av de snabbast växande IT-företagen i Sverige av Computer Sweden.

Har du ett företag och vill ha en lösning på mobiltelefonproblemet kanske du ska ta och kolla upp Uno Telefoni?

(Detta är ett sponsrat inlägg)

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Denna veckas utmaning i fototriss är: Se upp.

Jag var i Viet Nam i förra veckan…

I trafiken är det absolut kaos. Fick rådet att hålla en och samma hastighet över vägen för då vet motorcylarna var de ska kunna köra runt dig. Den bästa hastigheten jag kom på var spring fort som du bara kan

Skomakaren ser ner, tar av dig skorna och börjar ”laga” innan du ens har hunnit fundera på att säga nej. Sen vill de självklart ha hutlösa pengar. Jag blev så arg att jag tog av mig båda skorna och gav honom. Sa, om du begår sånt löjligt pris för något jag inte bett om så kan du ta mina skor. Jag köper nya runt hörnet. Jag fick lägre pris.

Pampiga St Joseph cathedral ser ut som Norte Dame på utsidan (ligger i de franska kvarteren) och känns som Sacre Ceur på insidan. Vackert var det och en upptagen kyrka. Pågick en begravning när jag var där och utanför stpd en brud och väntade på att få gifta sig.


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Pantai Cenang (Cenang beach)

Most people visiting Langkawi stays at either Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah. This is where you can find the longest beach, the most shops and restaurants.

The beach itself is long and white, the sand is like wheat flour (and can be extremely hot if you walk without shoes). It is beautiful and would probably the best beach on Langkawi if it wasn´t for all the people, cars, jetskis and other activities.

Now if that is what you want on a beach, you have come to the right place!

Langkawi 1412 065

Areas are secluded for swimmers and if you go in somewhere else please be careful for the high speed jetskis. The drivers are usually not so experienced and they like high speed.

The best part of the beach is to the north, where there is less people, more sand and less cars.Langkawi 1403 004

If you get hungry there is plenty of places to eat (and drink) and the prices ranges from low to high.

Sunbeds can be rented on several places on the beach also.

The water is unfortunately not so clean anymore but it´s ok. Temperature lies about 28 degrees C all year around.

Best time to visit is when the sun is setting (the sunset is normally magnificent here) and when the sun rises when it is nice, empty and quiet.

Langkawi 1405 071

A warning too: there has, during the last year, been several (more than 3) occasions when a car has droven over someone laying on the beach. Make sure you have a towel in a bright color, lie in a sunbed or stay at the north part of the beach!

I am not extremely fond os this beach, way too crowded for me, so I will only give it 2 squirrels. (squirrelcounts is how we rate the beaches we have been to.

squirrel3 squirrel3

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Tengah Beach

Tenga Beach is divided on a few places, by a rock and then by the road entering but it is quite long and wide. However it offers no shadow what so ever unless you are staying in the resorts.

Asiatour Langkawi Pantai Tengah 002

On Tengah you can do the parashooting and bananaboats and also some Jetskis.

It is definately not my favourite beach on Langkawi but it sure is less crowded than Pantai Cenang.

If you get hungry while on the beach the resorts offer food but if you are on a budget you better get off the beach and to the street instead. Here is a good variety of different food at good prices.

On the beach, by the big rock, is a newly openend bar called the Jam Rock. It is the same owner as the old Babylon on Pantai Cenang and it has the same atmosphear.  Opens from 3pm. When I am writing this there is no food served at the JamRock but it will hopefully come in end of fabruary or so.. (Langkawi-time)

Because of lack of decent and cheap food and also lack of shadow I am only giving Pantai Tengah 2 squirrels.

Check out other beaches that Asiatour has visited and graded!


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The crazy cat lady of Langkawi

Completely natural for a cat lover like me, right? Fototriss. THere is alot of cats running around in the wild, I try to do my thing by helping them to the veterinary clinic where they will get sterilised and set free again. This means less fighting, less struggle for food while pregnant och less struggle for loosing the kittens. I have seen a total of 10 kittens here, 9 of them are gone, one survived because he decided to move in with me, and who was I to say no?


Plenty of animals over all here in Langkawi, chickens who are running free, cows with only a rope for their owners to catch them with, buffalose, dogs and monkeys, lots of monkeys.


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