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King crab on Koh Lipe has great kebabs

You must try the kebab here it’s awesome! They have a great variety of meals and drinks and the food is definitely very tasty. Serving salad to each meal is quite rare in Thailand. The place can seem to be a bit large (which I normally think is a bit boring) but it is cosy […]

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Eat: Champor Champor Pantai Cenang,Langkawi, Malaysia

Champor Champor is a pearl in Pantai Cenang.  With it’s mixture of foods, the atmosphere and the environment it’s a perfect place for the romantic dinner for two or the start of a long night of party if you prefer so. Uma, the owner and chef, is also a perfect blend. She is Malaysian, Tamil […]

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Eat: Kahuna Cafe, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Malaysia

Kahuna cafe is a breakfast and dinner place off the main road in Pantai Cenang (on the road towards the night market, Izz room and Rainbow Lodge). Rosita and Ben serve good and very priceworthy food. Ben cooks and Rosita takes care of the café, making it very cosy and homey. They are both very […]

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Äta oss runt

Spännande med allt mat vi kommer att prova på. Det kan ju vara svårt i en stad att hitta bra ställen att äta på. Då ska man läsa matbloggar som : Eatingasia, awhiffoflemongrass och friedchllies. Tack DN för tipset! Frågan är väl om man egentligen behöver det. Gatumaten i de städer vi kommer att besöka är […]

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Thai dishes

Khao Tom -rice  soup Khao phat – fried rce, usually with chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, crab or coconut or pineapple, or vegetarian Phat si-io – rice noodles (often kuai tiao) stir-fried with si-io dam (thick sweet soy sauce) and nam pla (fish sauce) and pork or chicken. Phat thai – rice noodles pan fried with […]

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Must eat in Nepal

Don’t miss Nepals prime dish;  dal bhaat -rice and potatocurry – normally unlimited refills are avaliable.  Tibetan momos = dumplings. Thakali Bhanchha. Kultförklarad restaurang nära Hotel Marshyangdi. Kocken heter Lenin, bara en sådan sak. Thamels bästa dal bhat. Starka på nepalesisk husmanskost. Serverar äppelbrännvin från Marpha. Prisläge: Billigt. Pumpernickel. Thamels populäraste trädgårdskafé. Skuggig trädgård för […]

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Ulrik? Vem är han och varför ska jag undvika honom?

I dagens GP står det att man ska undvika Ulrik på resan, det tycker jag faktiskt är lite elakt mot Ulrik. Skämt åsido; jag förstår ju att det handlar om magsjuka och det har vi väl alla med oss att vi inte ska dricka något med  is och alltid dricka flaskvatten? Även turister som kommer […]

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Homemade peanut sauce

Satay and peanut sauce. Recipe you can find here. (In swedish I am afraid)

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Bangkok Eating in the streets

There is about 50,000 places to eat in Bangkok and a good meal should not cost more than 300B. The street food is great and there are stands basically everywhere. There are especially plenty of budget restaurants in Khao San Road. [nggallery id=5] What to eat: Satay with sauce. Pad Thai. stir-fried rice noodles with […]

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Bangkok Dinner Cruises

There is about 50,000 places to eat in Bangkok and a good meal should not cost more than 300B. Dinner Cruises: Dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya river are a touristy (but fun) way of spotting floodlit temples while chowing down on seafood and watching Thai cultural performances.  Note that drinks and tips are usually […]

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  • Status just nu

    The 14 weeks trip we did together 2011 -2012 inspired one of us to start living in Langkawi, Malaysia. Now this blog is filled with tips ans tricks on whet to do & see & eat in SE asia. It grows as I travel. Of course the focus lies in Langkawi and the endless activities that lays befor a visitor here. I have lived here for a year, please contact me if you want further information on Langkawi.
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    Trash Hero Langkawi this week.

    Trash Hero Langkawi has had a couple of tough weeks with lots of cleanups, lots of volunteers and a hugh result in picked up trash! There has been one cleanup performed with Kem Bini Negara and students from UUM (Mainland) . Then there were two cleanups during project Revive with very good results. This week […]

    My Revshares

    I have been around the block of Revshares now for a year. I had never heard of Revshares before. A Revshare company is one who sells advertising. It comes with visitors to your site. When you buy advertisments you get clicks on your site PLUS you get a share of the revenue. (Revenue Share). I […]


    This is quite funny actually. I have been working with Revshares now since July last year. Yes, I do make some money on it but with patience I will make even more money. I.e. if I don´t withdraw anything. 1st of April there was a new Revshare launced. ZukulAdNetwork or #Zan. Those of you who […]

    49 dagar utan regn!

    Så kom de då,  de svarta tunga Regn molnen. Jag gjorde mig redo. Tänkte gå ut och bli ordentligt blöt! Hur mycket som helst på facebook om regnet. Höga förväntningar. Nog regnade det alltid. Fast i området där jag bor kom det bara lite regn! :( Tengah och Cenang har fortfarande ordentlig torka. Knappt vatten […]

    You can never guess what happened

    I had a tomato starting to go bad. I cut it into 4 pieces and put it in the dirt. You can NEVER guess what happened! It started growing. I now have tomatoe plants. Isn’t that unbelievable? Or maybe it’s just the way of mother nature?

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    Vår resa börjar här om du vill läsa om den i den ordning vi bloggade.

  • Billigaste flygbokning?

    Billigaste flygresorna har vi kommit fram till att du kan hitta på Travelstart . De ligger i snitt några hundralappar under övriga nätresebyråer och flyger med samma flygbolag. Skyscanner har också billiga flyg.
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