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How to get money for the trip of your dreams

So you want to take the trip of a lifetime but you are short of money?

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-Start by looking at where you want to go and when. If you are flexible there is a higher chance to get a cheaper ticket and also if you are out in good time the tickets are cheaper. Flights on mondays and tuesdays are generally cheaper than other days.

If you are out in good time you get a chance to plan and think about the trip in advance and this is one of the good things about traveling, the anticipation!

-Check the sites that compares flight prices so you know about how much money you will need. You cannot book more than a year ahead but this will give you a hint. Skyscanner
is a good site to do this.

-Dedicate one of your bank accounts to the trip, or create a new one.

-Arrange one or several garage sale, most people have alot of stuff laying arund that they don´t use and this can generate alot of money. You also have the possibility to sell your stuff on Ebay, Craigslist or a sale group on Facebook.

-If it is for a shorter period, considder taking on a extra job.

-Bring your homemade lunch to work instead of going out to eat.

-Save all your small coins and empty it in a ”piggy bank”. If you do this every day it can actually grown into a big pile of money.

-Create a monthly save order. On the day of your salary a small amount of money is automatically transfered into your trip account.

-What is left on your bank account at the end of each month; transfer it into your trip account. This is the reward for everything you didn´t buy this month.

-Everytime you are about to buy something, think; do I really need this. If your answer is no then there will be more money left in your bank account to transfer, each month. If you convert the price of what you desire into working hours (i.e. how many hours do I have to work to pay for this) then maybe it is not so needed after all.

-Involve everybody who will go on the trip to also save money either by spending less or making money or both. If you are a family and you want to buy some luxury for the weekend then spend half the usual aount and explain to the children that you do this for the trip. Let them be a part of checking your trip account every month so they feel  included. You might be amazed on how children will learn about saving money and you can work together for your goal.

-Plan your menu for two weeks at the time, make a good grocery list for the planned meals and stick to it when grocery shopping. Never go grocery shopping when hungry!

-If you buy a cup of coffe on your way to work every day, then maybe instead buy a nice mug and make your own coffee at home and bring it.

-Keep your electricity bill at a minimum. Turn lights off when leaving a room, unplug you chargers when not used, turn computer and TV off instead of stand by (this is also good to prevent a fire). Again include the children in this and they will bring good habits into their future lives.

-In many countries you can sell metal and especially tin cans. Collect and sell it and put the money straight into your trip account. If your neighbours throw it in the trash they will probably don´t mind if you ask them to save it for you instead. Collect on your walks or way home from school and work. Crush the cans and they will take up much less space.

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-Instead of going to a movie or dinner, sit down with your travel comanions and plan the trip, research where you are going and dream about what you will do once you are there.

Once you start and are able to se how fast it can grow you will get more and more into it.

Ok, so it is a year left and you want to buy your ticket. By now you probably done the search many times allready (or so did I anyway) and know ehere to buy it.

Booking flights and hotel on your own is easy and so much cheaper than a package trip.

Never, ever buy a trip on your credit card or for a loan, the costs are too high and can burden your budget for a long time afterwards.

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