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Travel between Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi, Malaysia

There are 3 different ways to travel between Kuala Lumpur and malaysia. Fly, by bus or by train.


AirAsia has sometimes really good prices from RM 69 / 138 SEK / US$ 22 / £ 12,50. The flight takes one hour but of course you need to think about travel to and from airport as well. 1-2 hrs in KL and 20 mins in Langkawi. (To Pantai Cenang). Please note that if you fly with Air Asia the flights leave from aiport LCCT. There are trains + bus you can take to LCCT from KL sentral (Fast and expensive or cheaper and not as fast.)

The journey takes totally abt 4-5 hrs.

Positive: Time spent and if you get a good price it is cheap.

AsiaTour Fly Travel Langkawi Kuala Lumpur


You can buy busticket at Pudu Central in KL or at the travel huts in Pantai Cenang.

If you go from KL the ticket only takes you as far as the ferry in Kuala Perlis and then you have to take the jetty (ferry) to Kuah, Langkawi ( RM 18 / 36 SEK / US$ 5,6 / £3,30 ) and then taxi to your destination.

If you go from Pantai Cenang there are plenty of places to buy a total package  (look around and check for prices, they vary from 94 RM / 188 SEK / US$ 29 / £ 17 to RM 125 / 250 SEK / US$ 38 / £ 23). That way you will get a transport to the ferry in Kuah, take the ferry to Kuala Perlis and then take the bus (all costs for this should be included in your ticket). The busstation is only a few hundred meters from the ferrystop.  I you prefer not to buy a package you need to take the taxi to Kuah (RM 30 / 60 SEK / US$ 9,2 / £ 5,50 from Pantai Cenang), the ferry (se prices above) and then the bus ( ca RM 48 / 97 SEK / US$ 15 / £ 9).

The journey takes total abt 12 hrs.

Positive:  Cheap and you can travel by night and save costs for hotel
Negative: can be unsafe because of tired drivers smoking pot and traffic situations.AsiaTour Bus Travel Langkawi Kuala Lumpur


The night train goes from Arau  (19.37) to KL sentral (06.00) and costs from RM 23 / 46 SEK / US$ 7 / £ 4 for AC economy class up to RM 54 / 108 SEK / US$17 / £ 10 for sleeping lower berth . To get to Arau you need to take the ferry from Kuah to Kuala Perlis (se fares above) and then a taxi to railway station (RM 24 / 48 SEK / US$ 7,50 / £ 4,50) The train ticket can be bought on the station or online.

If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi; take the night train from KL sentral (21:30) to Arau (08.59) it costs RM 23 / 46 SEK / US$ 7 / £ 4 for AC economy class up to RM 54 / 108 SEK / US$17 / £ 10 for sleeping lower berth and then taxi to Kuala perlis (se fare above) and then ferry to Kuah (se fares above) and then taxi to your destination in Langkawi.

The journey takes totally abt 11 hrs

Positive: trains are very safe and it is pleasant to be able to walk and eat and sleep while travelling.  You also save money you should have spent on the hotel.

Negative: There is only one train / dayAsiatour Train Travel Langkawi Kuala Lumpur

Extra Please not that there are no electric outlets on any of the ways to travel so make sure your electronics are loaded or bring a powerbank or two.

I wish you a good and safe trip!

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