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Crocodile farm

Crocodile farm in Langkawi is situated on the north eastern part of the island (Drive towards Datai Bay)and offers the largest variety of species of alligators and crocodiles in the world. You can se feeding of crocodile, learn about them and even se the worlds largest and oldest crocodile born without theet, Bujang Kawi. Opening […]

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Bejing Zoo and aquarium

We just simply must go here! Going here might be the last chance to see the endangered panda and they also have another rare Chinese species – golden monkey. Animals you can encounter here also include polar bears, giant sea turtles, tigers, kangaroos and so on – bottom line is that they have around 450 […]

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Flight of the Gibbon

The worlds longest zip-line. Really, that’s all that needs to be said.

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What to do in Beijing

There are more people living in Beijing than it does in all of Sweden…. To do: The forbidden city [Swedish] Ming graves [Swedish] Tianamen square [Swedish] Night market (of course..) Shopping in Wangfujing The summer palace/Winter palace. Beihai Park Lama temple Shoppa Links; Ving in Beijing, Ticket on Beijing [Swe], My friend P has been […]

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Bungee jumping in Nepal?

Close to the Nepal-Tibet border is a river gorge where it is possible to bungee jump. Apparently it is the 3rd largest in the world! 160 m. I’m up för it, are you? (I jumped 85 metres in 2000 and I know the thrill. In fact I can feel some of it right now)

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Kuala Lumpur

Trivia; KL has 1,58 million inhabitants. Internet cafés are quite plentiful in KL and you can find them in most shopping centres. If you have your own laptop, Maxis’ WLAN service is the best deal around: as of Dec.07, a prepaid RM15 card gets you unlimited use for two weeks Tack=Thank you= Terimah Kasih Stay: […]

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Clubbing in Bangkok

Maybe this is not the most probable thing that we will do in Bangkok but you never know! Expressen writes about clubbing in Bangkok (in swedish) I do believe there is a bigger chance that we go to the vintage market at night when i Bangkok. All posts about Bangkok here

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Bangkok Vintage Night market

To shop vintage might not be the first thing i think about when I think about shopping in Bangkok. But there is a Vintage night market in Bangkok. According to Aftonbladet it is really good and there is alot of stuff from the 50s, 60s and 70s. [AB] There is a bit of bad lights […]

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Beaches of Goa

Trivia:  Goa a state in India’s West region, is a former Portuguese colony with rich history. It is 3,700 square km in size with a population of approximately 1.4 million. Goa has a unique mix of native and Portuguese cultures and architecture that attracts an estimated 2.5 million visitors each year (including about 400,000 foreign […]

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Lhasa Tibet Do & See

See & Do : Potala Palace, the architectural wander, is the symbol of the sacred land. While the Potala dominates the skyline, the Jokhang, some 2km to the east, is the real spiritual heart of the city. An otherworldly mix of flickering butter lamps, wafting incense and prostrating pilgrims, the Jokhang is the most sacred […]

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    The 14 weeks trip we did together 2011 -2012 inspired one of us to start living in Langkawi, Malaysia. Now this blog is filled with tips ans tricks on whet to do & see & eat in SE asia. It grows as I travel. Of course the focus lies in Langkawi and the endless activities that lays befor a visitor here. I have lived here for a year, please contact me if you want further information on Langkawi.
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