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Tanjung rhu

Tanjung Ru is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But it is not ideal for swiming. Coming here for the first time you will probably be stunned by the beautiful scenery that greets you. The beach is kept very clean. The sand is white but much like flour, rather small stones. The […]

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Pantai Cenang (Cenang beach)

Most people visiting Langkawi stays at either Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah. This is where you can find the longest beach, the most shops and restaurants. The beach itself is long and white, the sand is like wheat flour (and can be extremely hot if you walk without shoes). It is beautiful and would probably […]

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Tengah Beach

Tenga Beach is divided on a few places, by a rock and then by the road entering but it is quite long and wide. However it offers no shadow what so ever unless you are staying in the resorts. On Tengah you can do the parashooting and bananaboats and also some Jetskis. It is definately […]

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Pantai Kok

This is a beach that is very popular among the local people. Easy access to the beach with the car and plenty of shades to sit in. This beach is not a favourite of mine and I m not sure why, it is a good beach and has all the qualities beaches should have.   […]

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Pantai Pasir Tengkorak (Beach of skulls)

This beach is my new favourite in Langkawi. I have been in love with Tanjung Rhu for 16 years but this place was even better! ,It offers shadow, trees to sit on, not alot of people, crystal clear perly white sand. Magical. It was on top of it also very clean!  I like that. People […]

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Teluk Yu (Shark bay beach) Langkawi

Well I have been here many times and I have yet never seen a shark… The beach has an ”entrance” to it with stairs and there is also a van selling some food. In high water the stairs go straight into the water and there is not alot of beach to talk about. When the […]

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Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black sand beach)

Well the sand it not completey black, except for in one spot, but it is mixed in colors. Makes it look almost dirty. Large amounts of tourmeline and ilmenite from Gunung Raya cause the darkness in the sand.  It is common to find granite in mountains but it is only in Langkawi the sand turns […]

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Hikkaduwa strand

Stranden är lång och det känns som om den håller på i evighet.  Sanden är gyllene (sandfärgad Mia..) och finkorning. Det blir snabbt djupt och vågorna slår kraftigt så Hikkaduwa är ingen beach där man släpper sina barn. Gott om restaurangen finns det och mycket boende i princip direkt på stranden. Man kan ta surflektioner, […]

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Pattaya beach, Koh Lipe

På Pattaya beach behöver man vare sig vara hungrig, törstig eller ensam. Såvida inte klockan är typ 4 på natten,då är det nog ganska tyst och stängt. Här ligger resorterna på rad blandat med barerna och det är här man finner nattlivet på Koh Lipe.  Som ni ser så är stranden ganska lång. Man behöver […]

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Sunset Beach, Koh lipe Thailand

Sunset beach på Koh Lipe är en ok strand. Här finns en resort, 2 st barer och en fiskeministerium (!). Här finns också lite longtailbåtar. Stranden är inte så lång och vid sidorna av stranden finns det stenar vilket gör den ganska bra för snorkling.  Som överallt annars på Koh Lipe är vattnet helt klart. […]

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    The 14 weeks trip we did together 2011 -2012 inspired one of us to start living in Langkawi, Malaysia. Now this blog is filled with tips ans tricks on whet to do & see & eat in SE asia. It grows as I travel. Of course the focus lies in Langkawi and the endless activities that lays befor a visitor here. I have lived here for a year, please contact me if you want further information on Langkawi.
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