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Taxi: Langkawi, Malaysia

There are no buss in Langkawi, not that will take you between the villages or places.

The normal way to travel is by taxi. (Or if you prefer to rent a motorbike or car.)

The Taxis of Langkawi have fixed rates tho so if you can gather upp a few persons to share your taxi it is not expensive at all.

The malaysian word for Taxi is Teksi.

Going from the Jeti in Kuah to Pentai Cenang costs for example RM 30. Same price if you are alone or there is three people in the taxi.

When you arrive at the airport there is a small stall where you buy your ticket in advance.

It is not a problem to haul a taxi basically anywhere in Langkawi, there is plenty of them and many so called stesens.

Taxi in Langkawi 01

Bargaining with the driver is not allowed.

The prices are the same for all sizes of taxis.

Taxi in Langkawi 02

Most of the taxis are also avaliable to rent for a whole day, they will show you what you want to see during your day(s).

Check out my [guide to Langkawi] for tips on what you can do.

Want to know more about Langkawi= Read my Guide.

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    The 14 weeks trip we did together 2011 -2012 inspired one of us to start living in Langkawi, Malaysia. Now this blog is filled with tips ans tricks on whet to do & see & eat in SE asia. It grows as I travel. Of course the focus lies in Langkawi and the endless activities that lays befor a visitor here. I have lived here for a year, please contact me if you want further information on Langkawi.
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