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What to do in Langkawi

Here are a few ”packages” of attractions to visit in one day:. You need to get some sort of transportation. This is just suggestions on what you can do and routes that are close to each other for you to easier make plans.  Most of the other activities are close to Pentai Cenang and you might not need to get a ride for them.


1. Full day

Start with a drive up  Gunung Raya wich is well worth the visit (on a clear day). Gunung Raya is the highest mountain on Langkawi.

Asiatour Langkawi Gunung Raya 002

A visit to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Tanjung Rhu.

After this you might be up for a good lunch. Try the Scarborough Fish and Chip. Beautiful setting and great food!

If you came from Pentai Cenang then you might want to stop by the  Black Sand beach on your way back and see the black sand. The beach is ok for swimming but not great!

Now a visit to the Craft Complex is a good idea. A little crafted shopping and some nice shade is lovely!

A beach would be perfect right about now, right? Then it is good that the shark bay (Teluk Yu) is really close…

I belive you spend your day by now. Got a nice tan, some good swimming and seen beautiful views.

2. Full day

Start with a ride on the beach or in the jungle. Visit the Islands rides.

After the ride take a walk up to Seven wells falls and get a cooling dip in the fresh water pond.

Continue your day with  Cable cars (including the Oriental Village). Take a ride on this beautiful cable car that will take you up to  650 metres above sea level. Walk up to the viewing point.

Langkawi Bridge is a natural chouce for you to enjoy this crazy bridge that spams between two mountain tops. Not leading anywhere just being there because it´s amazing…

Langkawi 071A stop at  Pantai Kok is well deserved now. This is a well visited beach but not the best beach in Langkawi, plenty of shade tho.. Walk to the end of the beach to Burau Corner for a nice meal.

If you don´t feel like a restaurant there is plenty of stalls by the road where you can  enjoy some delicate local food. Or visit one of the many restaurants by the beaches or oriental Village.

If you are up for it, try the Skytrex adventure. Zipline through the jungle, climb high ladders up a coconut palm tree… Crazy fun!


3. Full Day

Start with a visit to crocodile farm. Please be aware that this is a working farm and their main purpose is to produce skin and meat.

Now it´s time for the most beautiful beach in Langkawi. It´s small serene and got plenty of shade along with clear waters.  Tengkorak beach is the name.  If the skull cafe is open it´s a good idea to get some lunch here.

After spending a few hours at the beach you have sand and salt all over. A perfect way to get rid of this AND watch a beautiful waterfall at the same time (I like smart solutions that saves me time..) is to visit the Temurun waterfall. The dip is fresh and cool and amazing!

Langkawi 1411 061

On your way back home a good suggestion is to stop in Kuala Teriang at the chocolate and coffee shop. Even if you don´t buy anything you can still get some free tasting. But it is really hard to resist buying! ;) (After passing the hills and opposite of the mosque)

I hope you will enjoy your stay in Langkawi. Look for more stuff to do and learn more about Langkawi in my Langkawi Guide.


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